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Melissa Lynn has a very unusual relationship with her step-son, Zach. Once, a long time ago, step-son caught Melissa cheating on his dad. Which was around the same time Melissa caught her step-son sniffing her panties while furiously beating off!

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“Hey, since we’re both freaks, let’s use this to our advantage!” Melissa exclaimed! Since they both love “Daddy’s money”, Zach hooks up his mom with his buddies (who are all half her age!), while Zach gets to watch his step-mother have sex…or shower…or sniff her panties! So when Melissa gets home from a mani/pedi, and Zach’s two buddies, Ricky and Mookiee, are hanging out, it’s on!! It doesn’t take long for Melissa’s mouth to be crammed with over-sized black dick! Then, Ricky and Mookiee rail her!

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“I can’t believe I’m banging your step-mom, bro!” Ricky said to Zach. “She’s twice our age!” Mookiee exclaims! Ricky loses his load first, and then it’s Mookiee’s turn. “Time for your reward, Zach!” With his step-mom on her knees and her face literally dripping with jizz, Zach gets a couple pumps in before dropping one of the biggest loads ever in his 20 years…all over his step-mom, who’s almost 40! This is as taboo as it gets!!

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