Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times 2

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times 2 m

This is part two Mom falls on Hard Times. Your roommate who you rent from has allowed your mom to stay for awhile as she claims to be struggling financially in part one you told her to ask your roommate if she can stay, and unknown to you they made quite an arrangement. She does everything he asks, including wear what he asks and that included sexual acts that quickly escalated and he is now using her as he pleases whenever he pleases.

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Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times m

Your roommates mom is kind of a dead beat, always asking her son to borrow money, can’t seem to keep a good paying job, and here she is again.. you briefly over hear their conversation and he tells her to ask you if she can stay. Great… your annoyed until she walks in.. she’s actually pretty hot, and you cant help but start wondering what she’d look like naked…

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ImMeganLive – Confronting My Son’s Bully

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You have been bullying my son for months now and I need it to stop so I call you into my house and demand that you stop. You stare at my chest a few times. I get annoyed and ask what you are staring at and once I realize its my breasts, I say you need manners and cross my arms (instead of covering my cleavage I am pushing them up more). But you are not willing because he is too easy to pick on and it’s so much fun. I ask if there is anything that I can offer money, free rides etc.

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Sandra Latina / LatinSandra – Fucking The Bully

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This was a custom video here is the script I followed….I bully your son at school and one day you decide to step in and settle it by going to argue with me about it. When you arrive and knock on my door you are speechless because you get aroused by my height and you also can’t stop looking at my bulge. You yell at me and I invite you to come in so we can discuss it. You can’t stop looking at my bulge and you forget your son’s topic and you start to flirt with me.

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Bettie Bondage – Bullies Make You Creampie Fuck Your Mom

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You knew those bullies from school were really going to get you after your mom called the principal about their latest “prank,” but you never thought they’d break into you house, wake your mother up, and make her fuck and take all three of their loads! Not only that, but when you found them, their cocks dripping wet with your mother’s pussy juice, her cunt a total cum-soaked mess, they decided that they wanted you to fuck her, too!

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