Harley Sin – Bully Ruins Christian MILF vol.2

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The MILF you’ve been fucking invited you over. Booty call. But she’s dressed in her Sunday clothes, you don’t understand. She explains she can’t see you anymore. God knows her sins, and she’s going to repent. She knows you’re still bullying her boy even though she continued fucking you. But she repented and is going to make it right. But you know her. You KNOW she can’t help it with you.

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Harley Sin – Bully Ruins Good Christian MILF

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The mom of the boy you’ve been bullying shows up at your place unannounced. She’s so prim, so proper, and best of all. She’s just come from church. You’re still wet from the shower, and only wearing a towel. She asks if your parents are home, and doesn’t understand you’ve been left on your own, on a Sunday. She agrees to speak with you, but won’t sit down as it won’t take long. As she’s standing in your living room, she explains that she needs you to stop bullying her son.

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Harley Sin – Bully: The Movie

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My first feature length movie! Part 4 of my Best Selling ~Bully Series~

I don’t want to give too much away. This is the most in depth, taboo, detailed roleplay I’ve done to date. There are twists and turns in this story. You’ll get to enjoy the POV of the Bully and the Son enjoying both their mommies. 4 sex scenes, 2 blowjobs, 2 creampies, one dominant mommy and one submissive mommy. Will they break this bully? Only one way to find out… ENJOY XOXOXOXO

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