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Your mom thinks you should invite him over for dinner, you know, the guy who’s been bullying you at school. She thinks if you two only spent some time together, you’d hit it off.

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You think its a terrible idea, but she confesses she already extended an invitation. You immediately ask her if he flirted when he answered the door. Your mom is confused, flirting? But she’s a much older woman, AND a mother. No young men flirt with women like her when they have much younger things to choose from. Your mom brushes your statement off.. when she notices he’s already here! And right on time.

You all finish dinner, your mom says you should have a bit of even though you’re both a bit young. She gets two glasses, and since she doesn’t have a third she gives you the flower mug. She laughs when you say it emasculating. She also gives your bully and herself most of the and leaves only a sip for you.

Your mom and bully are flirting at dinner. Seems your mom drank hers too fast. Your bully keeps complimenting her, and she’s eating it up. All of a sudden she notices its getting late, so late in fact she doesn’t feel right sending him home so late. She offers him to spend the night, in YOUR bed. You try to object but your mom tells you not to be rude, he’s a guest.

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After dinner your mom is cleaning up, you ask if anything else is going on. She denies it, says she was not flirting. She’s just being nice. She knows her plans going to work, you two will be friends. She should go check on him though, make sure he’s comfortable.

She enters her sons room, and can’t believe what she sees. Her sons bully is masturbating in his bed. She tries looking away but she can’t. She starts to explain what she’s doing checking on him and gets embarrassed. Then she notices, the bully seems really distraught. She gets closer and he wants to know, is there something weird looking about his dick.

She comes in for a closer look, and says it looks really normal. You say you’re worried it’s small. She says her son has the same concerns, but since you’re comparing, her sons dick is rather small compared to yours. You tell her you were thinking about her, and your boner got so hard, you couldn’t help yourself. It hurts now, from being so hard. She can’t stop starting at your cock. A little hand job couldn’t hurt anyone.

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She’s rubbing your cock and kissing you. You put your hands down her pants, and she’s already wet. Your masturbating each other when you ask if she’s ready for your cock. She begs you for it. You finally fuck on her sons bed. You’re about to cum and ask where she wants it. She wants it deep inside her pussy. She wants to feel your cum fill her up. You leave a huge cream pie, which drips all over her sons bed XO

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