Bettie Bondage – Bullies Make You Creampie Fuck Your Mom

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You knew those bullies from school were really going to get you after your mom called the principal about their latest “prank,” but you never thought they’d break into you house, wake your mother up, and make her fuck and take all three of their loads! Not only that, but when you found them, their cocks dripping wet with your mother’s pussy juice, her cunt a total cum-soaked mess, they decided that they wanted you to fuck her, too!

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Sandra Latina / LatinSandra – A Deal With Your Bullies

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Well step-son, you know how you’ve been complaining about those bullies at school that keep bullying you? Well I went over to their house 2 Fridays ago and cut a deal with them BUT I just realize that the deal doesn’t really benefit you. I know I was supposed to go there to talk to them about bullying you but instead I went over there and let them all have their way with your step-mommy.

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