Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times 2

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times 2 m

This is part two Mom falls on Hard Times. Your roommate who you rent from has allowed your mom to stay for awhile as she claims to be struggling financially in part one you told her to ask your roommate if she can stay, and unknown to you they made quite an arrangement. She does everything he asks, including wear what he asks and that included sexual acts that quickly escalated and he is now using her as he pleases whenever he pleases.

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Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times m

Your roommates mom is kind of a dead beat, always asking her son to borrow money, can’t seem to keep a good paying job, and here she is again.. you briefly over hear their conversation and he tells her to ask you if she can stay. Great… your annoyed until she walks in.. she’s actually pretty hot, and you cant help but start wondering what she’d look like naked…

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Kelly Payne – Seriously Fucked up Game. Watching Mom fuck my Friends

Kelly Payne Seriously Fucked up Game. Watching Mom fuck my Friends m

You and your friends are playing a game, a sort of sexually scavenger hunt you found online that’s been trending. Your mom, Kelly is trying to get some work done at home when she hears a commotion coming from your room, she calls out asking you to keep it down but when she can’t focus on her work she gets up and storms into your room. What are you guys arguing about! You and your buddies go silent and she starts asking questions, eventually finding out you all are playing a seriously fucked up game and turns out her son fucked his friends girlfriend and his other friends mom!

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Kelly Payne – Fort Fuck Fest Horny MILF vs Sons Friends

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Your feeling annoyed with your friends, all they do is go on and on about how hot of a MILF your mom is and you’ve had enough after they joke about giving your fathers enhancements meds to her so they can fuck her so you leave the room and when you see your mom you ask her to make them leave. She goes into the bedroom and is shocked by a massive fort nearly covering the entire room, she climbs inside and your three friends are clearly up to no good.

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