Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times 2

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times 2 m

This is part two Mom falls on Hard Times. Your roommate who you rent from has allowed your mom to stay for awhile as she claims to be struggling financially in part one you told her to ask your roommate if she can stay, and unknown to you they made quite an arrangement. She does everything he asks, including wear what he asks and that included sexual acts that quickly escalated and he is now using her as he pleases whenever he pleases.

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Delphoxi – Fucking Ur BULLY’S Mom

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There’s a bully that has been making your life miserable ! You hear he may be getting a scholarship so it’s a good time for you to pull out so blackmail. You head to your bully’s home with a video of him roughing you up! You show the video to his very hot and caring mother while he isn’t there and she is simply shocked that her sweet boy has been doing this to you! he apologizes and urges you not to go to the principal because this video of the bullying would definitely ruin his chances of accepting that scholarship.

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MILF Katie – Fucking My Son’s Bully

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I had a party and my friend brought her son with her which is my sons bully from school. I had him come inside and have a discussion with me about the bullying when he said that it would stop if I would suck his cock. Things got very naughty in a hurry cause I pulled his pants down and started sucking him off when my husband came in the house and almost caught me. I decided to have him come into my living room where it was more private and we fucked and I came all over his young cock.

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MizzErotique – Mom bangs your bully

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You come to your mom and tell her you are being bullied, she tells you to show her and you reveal the texts he has sent to you. Your bully has texted you how he’s going to fuck your mom and titfuck her and creampie her, etc. Momma goes and takes care of it calling over your bully to confront him. He shows up, pompous and attempts and blackmail. Then the sons POV he hears his mom banging the bully through the door. Then she comes in disheveled to say everything is fine.

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Missbehavin26 – Bully blackmails mom over 3 days

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Your son Ryan has his friend Paul your student that blackmails you all the time. Has been invited to your house for a movie. Scene starts with all three of you sitting in the couch watching a movie. Ryan decides to sit in front of the TV and you let him since it’s his birthday in two days. That’s when Paul takes out his dick, your still mad that his blackmailing you, but you give him a wet sloppy blowjob.

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