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Surprise! The reason the bullies knew who you were is because you are actually a teacher at your son’s and their school. The scene takes place in a classroom over 3 days and you’re in front of the class teaching behind your desk.

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On the first day you’re dressed professionally but not too conservative in a button up and tight skirt. About a week has passed since the blackmail incident. Your attitude about the whole thing has changed. Where you were angry and took charge at home during the incident, the guilt of what you had too do has now made you timid and scared after. You can visibly see the change in your attitude as you teach the class with very little confidence and a soft voice.

As you continue your lesson your phone vibrates on your desk. You look down and see pictures of the incident! You’re shocked cause you didn’t know they were taking pictures that day. You look up from your desk and look at the 3 bullies sitting in the back of your class and at your son. The rest of students are whispering to each other wondering why you stopped with a scared look on your face. You continue to stutter through the lesson when you get another message on your phone. “Take off your shoes”.

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The worry on your face grows as you slowly remove your heels (camera shows feet). You try and power through the lesson because you want to get out of there before it gets worse. Another message pops up. “Unbutton your shirt”. You’re shocked you look up at them and shake your head. They send you another picture of the incident to remind you who is in charge. You have no choice, you continue teaching while unbuttoning the top 3 buttons of your shirt trying to be discrete about it.

You act casual as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. You teach for a little bit with your tits almost popping out of your shirt as you see the whole class whispering to one another, your son is shocked. You get one more message. “tomorrow you’re wearing a tight shirt showing cleavage and booty shorts, or else”. You look up at them and nod defeated. The bell mercifully rings and you cover up and run out of the door. Day 2. You show up in exactly what they told you too.

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You embarrassingly teach the class with huge cleavage and your ass hanging out of the bottom of your shorts you cant bare the idea of your son looking at you like this again. You think that this is all that you’ll have to do…until you hear your phone vibrate.”Take the bra off”. You can’t believe it, any move you make you lose your job. You look at them and nod sadly. You continue teaching trying your best to be discrete taking your bra off under your shirt.

You finally get it off and throw it under the desk. Your tits are almost popping out as you continue to teach. You write a problem on the board and ask for a volunteer to solve it because you’re too flustered too continue. Several students raise their hands but the bully leader messages you saying “pick me”. You begrudgingly pick him. (Cam switches to his POV). He makes his way to the front and starts working on the problem. He drops something on the floor and whispers to you to pick it up.

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When you kneel down and look back up his cock is out! Your desk is covering you and his cock. You begin to argue with him whispering to him that you cant do this and you don’t want too. While you two are arguing back and forth he shoves it in your mouth. You’re gagging,coughing and tearing up. The class is starting to get restless and you say to the class with the cock in your mouth “just pay attention to board everyone!” as you gag don’t take the cock out when you speak.

He cums in your mouth and it starts too dribble out of your mouth and onto your tits(Fake cum please). He zips up and tells you to get up without cleaning yourself before he makes his way back to his desk.(Switch to class POV) You hesitate and first then get up from behind the desk trying to act as if there isn’t cum all over your face tits and shirt. You casually pull your tits back into your shirt as you tell that class that the bully got the right answer and he did a good job.

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Last message for the day comes up “Tomorrow you’re gonna wear the shortest skirt you have, high heels and the smallest, tightest shirt, no bra”The bell then mercifully rings again and you run out as fast as you can humiliated. Day 3 You show up in coat that covers you up because you couldn’t walk around the school in what they told you to wear with your hair down. You begin to teach in the coat until you hear the phone vibrate “you have 5 seconds to take off the coat”.

You look at them, then at your son. You are defeated and have no choice.. you remove the coat revealing the clothes they told you wear. The entire class gasps collectively and you smile and laugh out of sheer embarrassment and try and continue teaching. Every time you turn around your bare ass is on display for all 30 students in the class and your son, your stomach is showing and your nipples almost poP

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