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Another week has passed you are destroyed by the grief. You’ve been getting fucked everyday since that day at the school.

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The scene opens with you in a robe walking your husband out of the front door. He’s going a business trip for 3 days. You wave him off with a fake smile because the guilt is still in the back of your mind. You close the door and take a deep sigh, you open your robe to reveal lingerie underneath (anything black with stockings and heels will do). You make a call and say “ok he’s gone”. (Switches to sons POV) You hang up and your son comes down stairs and asks “what are you wearing mom?!”

You tell him to shut up and that you made a deal with bully leader. His bully is going to stay with you guys all weekend and he can fuck you anywhere at anytime all weekend. At the end of the weekend he promised to delete all the evidence. Your son begins to argue with you then you two both hear a knock at the door, you take the robe off your shoulders and drop it to the floor. You tell your son he can leave or stay it’s up to him but you have to do this so it all stops.

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(Switches to Bully POV) You open the door with a fake smile and tell him you’re ready for him and you have on your “uniform” (please refer to your clothes as a uniform) . Even though the sex has been amazing you’re still pissed at him for having blackmailed this whole time so you’re not excited to see him. You lay back on the coach and rub your pussy getting ready for missionary. You tell him to come get it and he enters you roughly as you hold your legs open.

You try your best not to enjoy at first but he’s fucking you hard your tits are pop out of your bra. You say “I fucking hate you, but this big teen dick never gets old” angrily. You pull him close and tell him “yea that’s right cmon cum inside me” you look over at your son and he’s just watching you. You roll your eyes at him and look back at the bully as he cums inside you. You push him off aggressively, you slide off the couch and tell the bully he better take advantage of this weekend cause it’s the last time.

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It’s day 2 The next morning you’re wearing a different uniform as you walk down the stairs, wearing the white teddy from your “black widow” scene with no panties on, barefoot cause thats what he told you to wear. In this part of the scene you’ll walk around the house performing everyday tasks in your uniform and get casually fucked. As you walk down the stairs you go into the living room and start tidying up the pillows bent over with your pussy showing casually.

As you’re wiping cum off the couch the bully bends you over and enters you tell him “really? can you at least warn me?” as he fucks you roughly. After a couple minutes he cums on your ass (fake cum please) you push him off and he tells you not to clean yourself. So you continue about your day with his cum on your ass.You’re sitting on the couch watching TV cum dripping out of your pussy when the bully walks in front of the TV while jerking his cock. “How can you still be hard?” you tell him, you say “fine but I wanna watch my shows.

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(Switch to bully POV) he’s laying flat on the ground and you get on top of him and just bounce on his cock as you watch your shows. While you’re bouncing your son arrives home and you cover and get scared you yell at him to hurry and shut the door before people see! You keep bouncing on the bullies cock and tell your son “leave or stay I dont give a fuck I’m about to cum” you cum hard on the bullies dick as your son watches to your surprise. You stare at your son as you bounce faster and faster on the bullies dick as he cums inside you.

The scene ends as you slide back giving your son a dirty look wondering why he stayed to watch. In the final day your uniform is the school girl skirt and socks from ur video with high heels but no panties or top on hair down. You walk down stairs casually like these are your everyday clothes now. (Switch to son POV) your son says “mom what the fuck?!”. You tell him “this is your uniform for the day it’s the last day” he acts disgusted but can’t stop staring your bare tits and your thighs.

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You argue back and forth for a couple minutes you’re waving your hands in anger and your tits are bouncing as you argue. The bully enters and taps you on the shoulder you turn around and say “oh” you get on your knees and suck his dick (his dick is off camera view is as if your son is watching you from the side). With the dick in your mouth you tell your son he can leave if he’s not comfortable. Out of nowhere he pulls out his cock!

You say “what the fuck?!” but the bully shoves his cock back your mouth before you can say anything else. Son then gets up and from his POV is looking over you. You say “no I am not doing this what the fuck!” the bully looks at your son confused then you two make eye contact, thinking of this as just being another way to humiliate you he takes your and shoves it onto your sons cock! He reminds you that you are his all weekend

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