Annabelle Rogers – BBC Bully Fucks Your Mom Rough While You Get Humiliated

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I invite your bully over to have a stern talk with him but he doesn’t seem to be intimated by me. I try and bribe him to leave you alone. He’s only interested in using your mom’s mouth to cum though. We make a deal that he’ll leave you alone if I give him a blowjob. I get down on my knees for his big black cock. As you enter the living room, you’re humiliated to witness your mom sucking your bully’s cock.

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yogabella – Fuck Son’s Bully (2024)

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Son, what’s wrong? You have a bully? Don’t worry mommy will arrange a meeting to talk to him. *Bully comes over* Hey, so I hear you’ve been bullying my son! You need to stop! What will make you stop? To have sex with me? I mean is that the only option? Okay fine! I’ll do anything to make you stop bullying my son! Wow your cock is big! It feels so good! this will be our little secret! You promised you’ll stop bullying my son, but we can meet every Thursday just to make sure 😉

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Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times 2

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times 2 m

This is part two Mom falls on Hard Times. Your roommate who you rent from has allowed your mom to stay for awhile as she claims to be struggling financially in part one you told her to ask your roommate if she can stay, and unknown to you they made quite an arrangement. She does everything he asks, including wear what he asks and that included sexual acts that quickly escalated and he is now using her as he pleases whenever he pleases.

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Kelly Payne – Mom falls on Hard times

Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times m

Your roommates mom is kind of a dead beat, always asking her son to borrow money, can’t seem to keep a good paying job, and here she is again.. you briefly over hear their conversation and he tells her to ask you if she can stay. Great… your annoyed until she walks in.. she’s actually pretty hot, and you cant help but start wondering what she’d look like naked…

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Melanie Hicks – Fucking My Step Sons Bully – Series Finale Moved In

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I’ve been bullying Melanie’s step-son, Rocco, at school lately. Melanie stops by my house to talk to me about the whole situation. She tells me that she is sick and tired of living with her step-son, and she wants to move in with me. There are a few rules that he’s going to have to follow if she wants to live here. First, I tell her to strip naked and to walk around in my front yard. She does what I ask of her. Next, I tell her that if any of my friends or family member’s want to fuck her, they will be allowed to do so. She agrees to my terms and conditions!

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