Kelly Payne Mom falls on Hard times 2 m

This is part two Mom falls on Hard Times. Your roommate who you rent from has allowed your mom to stay for awhile as she claims to be struggling financially in part one you told her to ask your roommate if she can stay, and unknown to you they made quite an arrangement. She does everything he asks, including wear what he asks and that included sexual acts that quickly escalated and he is now using her as he pleases whenever he pleases.

In part two Kelly comes home from a little shopping spree and your roommate (pov of roommate) quickly notices her arrival, teasing her as she claims shes “broke” and than quickly escalating into her following every ask. Wondering if her son’s home she tries to convince you (roommate) to take things to your bedroom for some privacy, but as you insist, she bends over exposing her body to you, and then sucking your cock until you cover her face in cum.

She quickly excuses herself down the hall, and finds her son watching tv in the living room. Later on that day she’s enjoying a shower when she hears banging on the door… it’s you again and you want her on her knees and pleasing your cock again, she again tries her best to decline but with the lingering idea of becoming homeless she does as you ask, but when she hears her son coming down the hall she rushes you into the bathroom with her, you bend her over and start fucking her hard, until knock knock…

its her son, he heard his mother screaming and wanted to check on her, your amused and as she struggles to tell him its all ok you continue to fuck her hard until you cream pie her wet pussy. Later that evening Kelly decides to have a snack, and there you are behind her she demands she’s done for the day… but you tease her, you have a snack for her… She does her best to resist but she gives in and you make her squirt all over the kitchen and expose her body, nearly getting caught again by her son, which you find amusing.

Later that night you send her a text and demand she dress in stockings and a skirt and nothing else and come to your room, she walks past her son topless and is shocked to see him and tries to make an excuse and then goes into your room. Shes pissed, and your amused let her vent a moment and then have her show off her body for you, suck your cock, and then fuck her and make her call you daddy… again she resists but you can tell she’s definitely starting to like it. You fill her mouth with cum and then cream pie her.

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