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You and your friends are playing a game, a sort of sexually scavenger hunt you found online that’s been trending. Your mom, Kelly is trying to get some work done at home when she hears a commotion coming from your room, she calls out asking you to keep it down but when she can’t focus on her work she gets up and storms into your room. What are you guys arguing about! You and your buddies go silent and she starts asking questions, eventually finding out you all are playing a seriously fucked up game and turns out her son fucked his friends girlfriend and his other friends mom!

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She is a combination of completely dumbstruck, pissed off, and disgusted. You continue to give your mom an attitude, what is she going to do your all adults here. Since you want to be a smart ass she decides she’ll just help your friends win the game as your consequence of your poor choices and disrespect, even better she hands you the list and tells you that you can be the one to tell her what she has to do to your friends to help them win. Your now having to watch, record, and take photos of your mother while she performs multiple sex acts with both your friends right in front of you.

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You try to tell her you’ll tell your father but she continues to undress, encourage your friends to stretch out and use her holes all while teasing and taunting you. POV switches throughout vid of all three POV, friend one, friend two, and son. Dildo POV/VS style for all sex scenes. Titty fucking, hand jobs, blowjobs, missionary, doggy, dirty talk, squirting orgams, son’s friends fuck mom, mom cucks son, cuckold son, mom fucks my friends, and more.

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