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You have been bullying my son for months now and I need it to stop so I call you into my house and demand that you stop. You stare at my chest a few times. I get annoyed and ask what you are staring at and once I realize its my breasts, I say you need manners and cross my arms (instead of covering my cleavage I am pushing them up more). But you are not willing because he is too easy to pick on and it’s so much fun. I ask if there is anything that I can offer money, free rides etc.

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That doesn’t interest you then you take a look at my well-endowed chest and say if I let you suck on my breasts. I hate the idea at first but give in wanting to protect my son. I pull them out and you start sucking on them. I try hard not to let out moans showing I enjoy it but I can’t hold it in and start moaning from the pleasure. I notice you have an erection from all of this and you offer a new deal. I let you fuck me right here and now and once a month from here on out.

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You will not only stop bullying him, but you will also protect him from other bullies at school (he gets picked on constantly). I once again reluctantly agree and let you get on top of me missionary fuck me (Penetration not shown). Then ends with creampie me unexpectedly (Cum not shown). I comment on how it was better then my ex-husband and that I am glad that you will be protecting my son from now on and that I will be willing for next months payment.

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