ImMeganLive – Confronting My Son’s Bully

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You have been bullying my son for months now and I need it to stop so I call you into my house and demand that you stop. You stare at my chest a few times. I get annoyed and ask what you are staring at and once I realize its my breasts, I say you need manners and cross my arms (instead of covering my cleavage I am pushing them up more). But you are not willing because he is too easy to pick on and it’s so much fun. I ask if there is anything that I can offer money, free rides etc.

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ImMeganLive – Stepmom Wowed By Bully’s Cock

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I am confronting my stepson’s bully (you, the POV). The bully has been teasing and tormenting my stepson in the school locker room over his tiny, uncut dick. The bully constantly makes fun of my stepson for being uncut and having a gross foreskin calling him: Anteater dick, Turtleneck skin, Snuffleupagus, etc. And for being only 5 inches long (smaller than all the other boys in the locker room). I’ve invited the bully over to tell him off. I start by telling the bully how there’s nothing wrong with my stepson’s size.

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