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Its the sequel to the bully but this time I’m china mommy, I let you watch In call chat while bully loves your China mommy, the big bully fucking oh yes she goes crazy over the big white cock and Shes a sweet mommy who loves you but Needs your bully’s big white cock, every time china mommy cums she holds up the tourist peace sign and cums so loud.

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She talks normal and sweet but when the bully fucks her really good and makes her cum he fucks the accent back into her and she speaks broken english and back to normal. She talks to son throughout and loves to suck on bullys balls and kiss son. Mommy pulls panties to the side to get fucked from bully, mommy try to keep clothes on not letting son see but you see glances all the time. The bully cum so good in mommys tight ninja grip pussy and hands. (doggy style, blow job, sloppy, cock riding, reverse cow girl, squat fucking

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