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Mom Confronts Bully While Son is waiting in the car, She visits Bully’s home to confront his parents but the parents arent home and the bully lets her inside his house.

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Once inside the bully’s home he gazes up and down at your mom and makes her uncomfortable, she confronts your bully and tells him to “leave her son alone”, gives her a few wedgies instead and he tells her to “think of your son” as she tries to escape and leave but your mom will help your bullying, he will go easy on her son from now on if she does what he says.

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He commands mom to strip, jump and more. He duct tapes your moms hands together and drags her off. He finger fucks her aggressively on his lap, she moans like crazy and makes her cum. He Takes her doggystyle and pounds her from behind then jerks off and He cums on her face as her son walks in to see what is taking so long…

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