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This is a custom video so the name, “Ben” is used as my son who is is being bullied. This is a non-nude video. You come home from school and I notice that you are covered in bruises. I touch your arm and you scream that it hurts so I presume it’s broken even though the school nurse stated otherwise.

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The school didn’t even call me to notify me that my baby boy was beat up today. I am so sick of this happening to you so I decide to take matters into my own hands. I drive to your bullies house where I am surprised to see that he is even younger than you are. I also notice that his home life must not be the best as it is 6 p.m. in the evening and he has been left all alone. I begin to gently lecture him and he starts to cry. I go in to give him a hug and do my motherly duty to comfort him.

Then in his response he calls me “tits”. I immediately firmly lecture him again.

Before I know it he slaps me across the face as shortly after he over powers me onto my knees as he is assuming I will suck his cock. I refuse until I see just how big of a cock this young boy has. I contemplate in my head a bit but he grows impatient and pushes my head toward his very large penis. I gag so hard on the cock that I am literally out of breathe. I secretly become aroused by how manly this young boy is. I worship his cock as I gag and suck it some more.

Until my husband interrupts and calls me to check in. I put him on hold as I suck on it some more and talk dirty.

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You have to remind me that my husband is still on hold so I tell home I will be home late and continue sucking your massive young cock. You soon become very dominate over me and I am eager to please you as I have never been treated like this before. I call you sir as I do everything I can to please you. I let you plaster my face in your big warm load. You get it all over my face and Sweater.

I tell you that I will be available again soon but yous soon let me know that you already have plans with the school nurse (that is why she didn’t call me about my son).

I am so impressed by how you have all these woman under your little charming spell. As I get home I try and creep up to the bathroom as quiet as I can until my son catches me and asks not only how it went but also if I was eating glazed donuts (as I still have the bug load all over me). I assure him that things with his bully should be getting better soon.

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