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Victoria has a spoiled step son named James that’s home from college. James is doing poorly in school so Victoria was tasked with getting him a tutor to help with his grades. When the tutor came around to help James with his school work Victoria took one look at him and told herself that she had to have him!

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As Jovan was talking to James and Victoria about his services, Vitoria started to touch Jovans leg. Then Victoria sent James to do 2 different sets of chores so she could be alone with Jovan. Victoria, getting frustrated with James being in the room while she was trying to make the moves on Jovan, she sent James to go make a cup of tea for her while she was trying to get her fuck on! When James left, Victoria jumps all over Jovan and pulled out his dick and started sucking it.

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Jovan was totally into it. Then James walked in the room with Victoria’s cup of tea and was shocked to see her step mom with Jovans dick in her mouth. Victoria got upset with James’s final interuption and told him to sit there and watch her suck this dick and get fucked with Jovan! She also told James if he says anything to his dad she would tell his dad that she caught James jerking off to her while she was in the shower. So James sat there quietly as he watched his tutor Jovan fuck the shit out of his step mom till he busted a huge nut on her face.

James, fascinated, actually enjoyed watching Jovan plowing his step mom in front of him.

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