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Well step-son, you know how you’ve been complaining about those bullies at school that keep bullying you? Well I went over to their house 2 Fridays ago and cut a deal with them BUT I just realize that the deal doesn’t really benefit you. I know I was supposed to go there to talk to them about bullying you but instead I went over there and let them all have their way with your step-mommy.

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They fucked me so good that I cut a deal with them in your behalf, as long as they keep fucking me and using your step-mommy like their fuck toy EVERY Friday they can keep bullying you and making you do their chores and homework for them. When you return to school on Mondays they are all going to laugh at you and tell you about what a slut they turned your step-mommy into, how they spit roasted me and then filled up my pussy with their hot semen.

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Tonight is Friday so guess where step-mommy is off to dressed like this? Oh and when I am on the way home tonight I will text you so you can start a nice warm bath for me because you know step-mommy is going to drained and in need of relaxation after the fucking they are about to give me. You’re such a wimp, just like your step-father.

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