Sandra Latina / LatinSandra – Fucking The Bully

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This was a custom video here is the script I followed….I bully your son at school and one day you decide to step in and settle it by going to argue with me about it. When you arrive and knock on my door you are speechless because you get aroused by my height and you also can’t stop looking at my bulge. You yell at me and I invite you to come in so we can discuss it. You can’t stop looking at my bulge and you forget your son’s topic and you start to flirt with me.

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Sandra Latina / LatinSandra – A Deal With Your Bullies

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Well step-son, you know how you’ve been complaining about those bullies at school that keep bullying you? Well I went over to their house 2 Fridays ago and cut a deal with them BUT I just realize that the deal doesn’t really benefit you. I know I was supposed to go there to talk to them about bullying you but instead I went over there and let them all have their way with your step-mommy.

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