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(bully pov then son pov) Your Mom has your bully meet her at home, she begs him to stop bullying you her son. She even threatens to call the cops if he doesnt quit bullying her son, when all of a sudden they both fall down and swap bodies.

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You find your mom in her bed, she is waking up and you tell her that your bully ran off. BUT you have no idea its really your bully in her body, she looks under her skirt and starts feeling her tits, and proclaims “I’m gonna have some fun with this fucker” … Your bully is in your moms body now, she puts on really slutty clothes and finds her toys, Her legs are spread wide open on the living room couch while smoking a cigarette. You think to yourself that she doesn’t smoke and you don’t understand what’s going on.

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You ask me “why are you smoking” she makes you look at her body while she humiliates you, calling you a loser, “your bully was right to bully you!” she tells you that your dick is small, She cucks you with two big dildos and bullies you. Your bully has total control over your moms body. Your bully makes your mom squirt right in front of you, taunting you by saying “i bet your bully has a big dick” Watch your bully take over your moms body.

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