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“So, is this the young man right here that we’ve been speaking about? That you’ve been telling me about?” Mom’s voice was strict and harsh.

“You’re the young man that’s been bullying my son,” she turned towards the older boy in the room. “No, don’t you speak to me in that manner, young man, just stop right there. I’ve heard about everything that you’ve been doing, not only from my son, but from his teachers, the principal…and your parents don’t seem to have any response. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I brought you here because I need you to stop.”

He was awful to you. Always been picking on you, stealing from you – you didn’t know how to handle the situation so you told Mom. The two of you stood in front of her as she tried to resolve the situation and make it stop. “Honey, I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this,” she looked at you lovingly, “but sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire.”

“What can be done to leave my son the hell alone?” she asked the bully. “You two don’t even have to talk to each other, just avoid each other in the hallway – just don’t stuff him in another damn locker.” Of course, that wasn’t going to be enough. He wasn’t going to just leave you alone, he wanted something – he wanted your mom.

“And if I agree to do that, I’ll have your word, a gentleman’s agreement, that you would stop harassing my son?” she replied to him, willing to do anything for you. “You would stop harassing my son if I would take off my clothes for you and do things for you? Oh, in front of my son? Honey, how would you feel about that? I know it’s weird.” You hated the idea. But Mom made a good point – all the tormet would stop and you could focus on your studies instead of worrying about him. You wouldn’t come home with bruises anymore, and you wouldn’t have another bike stolen.

You felt helpless – there wasn’t anything you could do. Without Mom’s help, this guy would never leave you alone. “Tell him that you’re going to leave him alone,” Mom pointed at the bully. After he said it, she stripped down, exposing her beautiful body to him.

“And no ‘ha ha, I fucked your mom’ jokes,” she said sternly. “Ugh, your fucking attitude.” He wanted to touch her perky tits, so she let him – it was all to help you out. “It’s going to be okay, sweetie,” she turned towards you, her hand brushing against his cock. “He’s not going to bother you anymore, are you? Cause Mommy’s going to teach this bully a lesson any way she can.”

“Oh, you want me tell him what? Ugh,” she replied to the bully then turned towards you with a sarcastic tone in her voice. “Honey, his cock is so big and I love stroking his cock.” He made her say it again, this time like she meant it. He wanted to see her completely naked, bare, and exposed – her legs spread, her fingers against her pussy. “You know Mommy would do anything for you, sweetie, this just proves it,” she comforted you.

“You’re going to at least be a gentleman and hold my hair, right?” Mom asked the bully. “Of course not.” She wrapped her warm, wet mouth around his cock, one hand holding her long, blonde hair. “His cock tasted amazing and was so big in my mouth, honey,” Mom repeated what the bully had told her to say.

Next, and the worst part of all, would be watching Mom take his cock. It was bad enough seeing her get pounded doggystyle, but when he told her to flip over, it made things worse. You had to hear her say that she loved his cock inside of her and that it felt good to get fucked by him. You knew she didn’t mean those things that he made her say, but her moans…those were something that she couldn’t fake – those were actually coming from getting thrusted by his cock.

“I feel you,” she looked at the bully, “you’re almost there, young man. He came inside of her, and she immediately reminded him of his word. “Get off of me,” she kicked his body away from hers. “Honey, I’m sorry you had to see that,” she turned towards you, “but if this young man gives you any trouble at all, even looks at you wrong or incorrectly, or bumps you in the hall, you tell me.”

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