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*THIS VIDEO CONTAINS 20 SCENES INCLUDING 5 SEX SCENES AND 2 BLOWJOB/FACIAL SCENES* You decide to accompany the boy you’ve been bullying home one evening to check out his “hot mom” everyone seems to be lusting after.

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When you arrive, she greets you both in the hallway and the boys at school are right.. she is hot!.. but she seems to dislike you for some reason.. so you invite yourself to stay for dinner to show her you ain’t all that bad, but before dinner is served, she takes you to one side and confronts you, telling you she knows exactly who you are and she wants you to leave her house immediately.

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She won’t allow someone who has been bullying her son to sniff around causing trouble.. but your feet are firmly planted in her house and you even play around abit with her out of eyesight of her son and husband, subtly letting her know you ain’t going anywhere.. at least not tonight. You stay for dinner and after, you touch her under the table in front of her family.. she’s unsettled.. but she isn’t saying anything.. is she really THAT weak she won’t even alert her husband to your advances?!

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You decide to take things one step further and invite yourself to stay the night for a sleepover, to which she is quietly horrified, as her husband has to work nights and she doesn’t wanna be left on her own in the house with you.. but even though she says no, her husband actually encourages you to stay as it’s good that their son has a friend.. this is TOO easy! Later on, you wander into her bedroom and have an argument about your behaviour, her calling you a sick freak as you put your hand in between her legs.

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She kicks you outta her room.. a few hours later and your back in her room again, standing next to her bed with your cock pressing hard against your jeans. She wakes up, too nervous to even say much, as you climb on top of her and unzip your pants.. her begging you to use a condom as she is trying to get pregnant with her husband.. but you don’t have a condom.. shame. You finish inside of her and leave her to clean up the mess you left. The following morning you fuck her again over the dining room table whilst her son is out of the room.. but this time, you feel something different.. does she.. WANT this?

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Her ass subtly pushing back as you fuck her, her pussy wet.. barely hiding her moans of pleasure. This MILF is practically begging to be fucked.. she just won’t admit it. Over the next few weeks, you visit a few times, using her mouth and pussy to pleasure you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.. such a dirty woman hiding behind that ‘prim and proper’ exterior. She feels guilty for cheating on her husband.. even guiltier for fucking her own sons bully, but your cock just gives her too much pleasure to give up.. she’s worked herself up into a frenzy for your young, fit body.. cum hungry and gagging for sex that her husband won’t give her much of.

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She tells you she’s pregnant.. it must be yours. She’s sucking your cock one evening and just after you cum all over her pretty face, her son walks in and catches the both of you. A few months later and you are still both secretly meeting up, fucking wherever and whenever you can.. her big pregnant belly full of your offspring.. that her husband thinks is his. Her son thinks the affair is over.. but he’s so naive he’ll believe anything..

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