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Custom Video – Custom buyer requested vertical video format for face time / phone authenticity / You will hear Brad said through out video, It’s a made up name for my step-son’s Bully – It was so unexpected, to see my step-son on the phone as I was getting ready to shove Brad’s gorgeous cock down my throat. Brad has been my step-son’s bully since kindergarten and loves to torment my boy but “it is what is” as they say and it IS all about Brad’s perfect meaty cock in my mouth whenever he visits me.

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This time my step-son just happens to have the pleasure of watching me give his Bully the sloppiest, messiest, juiciest blow job his eyes have ever seen.. He is such a good boy and so is Brad, standing so still as I spit, suck and shove his hot cock down my throat and lick and suck his balls. I think my boy is happy for me. Clearly he sees how much Brad’s cock makes me giddy Frankly I am surprised he didn’t know how kinky step-mommy was. Brad has been selling videos of me slobbering all over his cock for some time now! My step-son even gets to see one of Brad’s BEST finales.

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Brad gives me the best cum shot all over my face. I love Brad’s facials especially when he makes it straight in my eye! Ahhh I can’t wait until next time I have the chance to suck that cock. Obviously Brad isn’t getting enough of this from home so he visits me. I am such a good step-mom I love ALL boys even bully’s need love….or something.

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