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Roxy Cox your mom and Lenina Crowne your big sister have just spoke to your teacher about your bullying problem but they won’t do anything about it. They bump into your bully in the hall and confront him, telling you to leave your son/little brother alone.

Everyone is on your side because they believe you to be a good student as you are the star player of the football team and have brought much success to the school. However we can’t have you picking on him anymore and this has gone to far already and we decide to intervene. You smirk when we tell you how his behaviour has changed, he isn’t eating properly and he’s scared to go to classes.

We ask you nicely to politely stop bullying him, but you still keep laughing, sneering and persist on tormenting him more. There’s got to be something that you want to put an end to this once and for all, be reasonable here. Roxy notices that you appear to be eyeing up my daughter Lenina, she is very pretty and Roxy smiles and tries to convince the bully to lay off her son and he can have her beautiful daughter instead.

Roxy guilt trips Lenina into going on a date with the bully, you don’t want your brother to quit and grow up without an education or continue to be depressed and suffer more at this bully hands. Lenina is relucant at first but eventually comes round to the idea to save her brother from any further trauma. Roxy pulls up Lenina’s top to reveal her amazing tits and the bully is immediately rock hard and wants her, Roxy her mom assures her she’s doing the right thing.

Lenina is on her knees looking up at the bully’s huge cock, Roxy urges her to suck it and get on with it as she pushes her head onto his fat dick. Roxy reminds her that she’s doing this for a good reason to protect her precious boy. Lenina really struggles to fit his huge cock in her mouth, jerking the shaft and sucking on the head. But Roxy tells her she has to make him cum before she can stop, she needs to satisfy him and finish him off.

Roxy tells her to keep sucking till he cums in her mouth and they can all go home happy. But the bully wants more, he wants the mom Roxy to suck him too. Lenina comes up for air in protest, telling her mom to start sucking too why should she do all the work alone. Roxy agrees only to get him off her son’s back and start sucking on that big throbbing cock. The bully is greedy and wants both of them to share his cock and be filthy sluts gagging and sucking on his big balls.

They are desperate to drain him so he will keep his end of the deal and stop bullying their son/brother. Suddendly the son/brother walks in as they are both on the end of the bullies cock. Now you decide to turn up to class as we confront your bully, he starts whimpering at the sight of his mom/sister sucking on his bullies cock.

They are fed up of this nonsense, they mock him for being a little wimp and it’s all his own fault for being a pathetic loser no wonder he picks on you! They decide to teach him a lesson, sit there sobbing while you want us have fun with your big bullies cock. They continue jerking and sucking him off, watch mom and sis take care of your bully while you sit there like a good boy you useless cuck. See what you made is do, it’s all your fault for being a weak lil bitchboy. They praise the bullies big cock, he’s so strong and can last for ages. Lenina your sister is going to date him and your mom Roxy approves.

We continue to verbally humiliate you as we take turns sucking on your bullies huge cock. He’s bigger, better and your nothing but a pathetic tiny lil cucky. We are going to milk him dry and spit out his cum and let it drip from our mouths onto the floor and make you eat his cum loser. Cum be a good lil clean up cucky and eat your bullies cum, the ultimate humiliate for a weak bitch like you.

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