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Mommy dressed up in santa outfit and she’s on the phone talking to someone. Here son is watching her, noticing her odd behaviour she’s very giggly and saying she can’t wait to see them again and to come over asap. She then spots her son were you eavesdropping on mommy’s call? No son, it wasn’t your father I told you he is out of town for the holidays and we are not getting along besides mommy has already made other plans.

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Why are you wearing that costume, because it’s Christmas son tis the season to be jolly‚Ķ. and I have a special guest coming round. Mommy is getting into the spirit of things, you should never question your own mother son. But seeing as your so curious, mommy has a surprise for you. She smirks as she hands him a gift wrapped present. Go on son open it in front of mommy I want to see the look on your face when you see what I got you. Do you want me to open it, here let me I insist.

You are surprised to find it contains a lingerie set as mommy smirks and tells you to put it on. I know how much you like to go through mommys knicker drawer so I thought it’s about time you got some of your own wasn’t it a very thoughful gift. Our visitor will be here any second now and you need to be dressed for the occasion. Mommy mocks you dressed in lingerie, you look so ridiculous son….but your used to be laughed at aren’t you?

Mommy knows all about you son, your bully have became very close, I’ve grown rather fond of him actually. He’s coming over and you are horrified to see it’s your bully entering the room as you blush and cover grabbing your crotch trying to cover yourself up. That’s right son, mommy is going to be spending xmas with your bully because I sent your useless father away as he’s a failure as a husband and cannot keep mommy urges satisfied well it’s not like he ever could to begin with.

Plus your bully has told me alot about you son. Seems like your not so popular afterall and have quite the reputation for being a loser. Don’t have a GF and a bit of a wuss, apparently all the girls laugh at you and tease you calling you little willy wanker. Then the bully and his gang give you swirlies and wedgies and beat you up Why did you lie to mommy’s face son well?

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Maybe it’s time you grew up and took some responsibility for once. You bring this on yourself, now you have to be punished, mommy hates the wimpy loser you have become. Tut tut son honestly you have shamed me, I’m embarassed by your behaviour. You have to face your fear son and now this is your worst nightmare your bully and mommy having an affair. Go on son step in and save mommy from the big bully, you can’t you pussy just like your father just a weakling.

He already knows I’m cheating, in fact he’s given his blessing I’ll call him up so he can listen to me moaning getting pounded and fucked by your bully. He’s just a beta bitch, but I want you to watch son, watch your slut mother suck your bully off. I’d spit on you son, you disappoint mommy. You could try and stop this…oh wait that’s right you can’t your just a scaredy cat when it comes to your bully. You can’t stand up for yourself, save your mothering from whoring herself out to yout big bullys cock.

Are you just going to be a cuck bitchboy and watch your own Mother wanking your bully off with her latex gloves and sucking on his fat cock. Look at you trembling your so pathetic you are a embarassment to the family name a worthless piece of shit. Sloppy bj with latex gloves handjob with lots of verbal SPH/cuck humiliation, just sit there and tug on your lil loser dick…. puny lil prick. You’ll always a little loser.

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Mommy is going to jerk the bully cock off until he fills her mouth and she spits it onto her tits and tells son to be a good boy get over her and rub his useless face in it. Are you mommy good lil cumslut? Clean the cum of mommys tits you dirty cum eater, taste your bully’s alpha surperior seed. She scoops up the excess cum dripping of her tits and feeds it to her wimpy son. The ultimate humiliation for a lil cuck clean up slut like you.

Whenever mommys kisses you son you’ll taste your bully nut. You better get used to being my lil cucky, the bully is hanging around for the entire holiday season while mommy rings in the new year with your bully, he’s going to be part of the family now so you better get used to tasting jizz in your mouth. Aww are you going to have a little leak in your panties after eating spunk and being a good cucky for mommy.

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