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My Sons Bully stops by our home in the middle of the night while I’m helping my son out with some homework, Im encouraging him that he will do better at school,as we are leaning over the table his bully shows up.

He pulls down my kimono skirt and gives me a few wedgies and spanks me in front of my son. If I do what the bully wants then he will leave my son alone and go easier on him. My son has to watch the entire time his bully fucks me, the bully cucks my son and even gives my son some tasks and commands like “stare at your mother” “kiss your mother” and “slap your mother in the face”

His bully gropes me and fucks me so hard, I talk about how BIG his dick is oh WOW, I like it so much, I start going nuts and acting like a have cum for brains and talking in and out of broken english, my son watches as I turn into a slut right before his eyes in order to ease his bully bullying him.

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