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I am China mommy, she loves bully cock, I talking to you my (Son Pov) You sitting on the counter top of the bathroom, we supposed to go baseball game but mommy wants to freshen up and take shower first. Mommy starts talking to you about your bully the last time he came over, she asks you to put lotion on her skin and while she undresses and rub it on her while she talks about your bully.

She completely undresses and tells you that shes been so horny every since your bully came over and fucked me so good, I invited him over to take shower with mommy, You wish you could be in the big shower with mommy, you love taking shower with her but you watch your bully pound her throat while she looks at you and talks to you, he takes her in multiple positions and pounds her against the big window pressing her face, breasts into the glass, she reaches out for you and tells you when she is cumming then the bully cums all over face.

He leaves and mommy towels off and tells you that we wont miss the game and gives you kisses with her cummy face. (cuckold interracial stepson bully asian stepmom deepthroat doggystyle rough sex shower hairy pussy full bush stepmom mommyroleplay facial

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