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You have been bullied by a guy in class for quite some time now… The Bully has even stolen some of your video games, your wallet and your bicycle! What an asshole he is! You decide to tell your Step-Mom about what has been happening and she decides that she’s going to go over to the Bully’s house and get your stuff back!

She expects you to stay home as she gives you a kiss good bye and heads out the door. However, she does not know that you ended up following her over there and sneaking into the Bully’s house after noticing the door unlocked. You sneak up the stairs only to see your Step-Mom and the Bully arguing. “Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re not going to bully my son…” your Mom says.

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“I bully everybody!” the Bully replies as he grabs her neck. “Put your hands behind your back…” the Bully says as he grabs both her hands behind her back and escorts her down the hallway to his bedroom. You sneak down the hallway after they enter the bedroom, noticing that they left the bedroom door open so you decide to watch. Once in the bedroom the Bully demands that your Step-Mom takes her clothes off. She is reluctant to take ANY clothes off and denies him.

Denying the Bully was the wrong thing to do…. “Take your fucking clothes off…” the Bully demands grabbing her throat. Helping her strip her clothes off, he begins to fondle and suck on her tits, and finger her pussy as she tries to deny him. She feels like this has really taken a turn that she did not expect! As the Bully continues to fondle and finger her, she notices that you are there!! She is VERY surprised but now feels a bit of relief that now you’ll be able to save her!

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The Bully must not know that you are there though, so you keep quiet as Step-Mom allows the Bully to take advantage of her. The Bully handcuffs her hands behind her back and sits her down on his lap as he bangs her pussy with his fingers making her cum. The Bully decides it might be a good idea to call over some class mates so they can all see your Step-Mom bound and naked on the bed after being banged….

He throws her on the bed, ties her ankles and gags her with a bandana tie while he heads to message his class mates. With the Bully distracted you quickly enter the bedroom to get her out of there! You untie the gag from her mouth but then are kind of in awe looking at Step-Mom’s beautiful naked body! You shake it off and help Step-Mom up, her ankles still bound as she hops towards you and out of the room with her big natural tits bouncing.

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You and Step-Mom return home safely! She sits on the couch and you undo her handcuffs. As you begin to untie her ankles you can’t help but to rub her sexy leg, rubbing further until you rub her clit. “I think that you really liked watching that….. I can see how that would make you kind of horny!” she says. Step-Mom looks at you with adoring eyes “…you saved me… thank you!”.

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