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Having observed my innocent young son being bullied by another boy, I decide to take action. Telling on him just won’t do the trick. I’ve heard what a spoiled, young brat he is, so I’ll have to teach him a lesson on my own.

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I sit the young bully down and demand some answers. My tone grows more stern as he gets a bratty attitude with me. I can tell this boy isn’t going to be taught easily. He seems to be staring at me and not even listening to what I have to say! He seems to agree to be nicer to my son, so I lean forward to give him a hug and comfort him after being so harsh with him. To my surprise, the young pervert starts kissing on my neck before I could pull away!

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I reprimand him but slowly start getting turned on by the boys brave advance. Ashamed at how turned on such a young boy could make me, I shy away. But then I get the naughty idea that we could make a deal. I tell the boy that if he stops bullying, maybe we can play around and do some adult games. I see how aroused he is getting, and can’t help but to pull down those cartoon underpants and get a taste of that young, hairless cock.

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I tease his smooth penis and hairless balls before pulling up my skirt and taking my panties off to shove my pussy into his face. I push it back onto his little mouth and wet tongue and grind, shake, and twerk all over that cute little face. He rubs himself all over my wet pussy, even sticking it in when I didn’t even tell him to! By the time I’m through with him, he won’t even have the energy to bully my son anymore!

This is a mom bully porn pov fantasy by Noelle Easton.

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