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Protective and nurturing mom decides to take matters into her own hands and confront you, her son’s bully. She is a sweet, respectful, kind of vanilla mom but she wants to stand up for her son. She shows up at your place and demands to speak with your parents hoping they’ll be able to get through to you to stop being so mean to her son.

Unfortunately your parents are out on vacation and your home alone for a week or so. You flirt with her, compliment her, and tell her you both could work something out, after all it’s not your fault her son is such a nerd. You agree to protect him even befriend her son if she gives you sex in return… she’s saying no, and resisting but her body language clearly contradicts her words… she eventually agrees.

You push her onto the sofa and tell her to play with herself, she’s a little confused but very aroused and does as you suggest. you then tell her to continue playing with her wet squirting pussy while she uses her feet to stroke your cock. She likes it and tells you how kinky you are. she bends over and you fuck her good and hard making her moan loadly, flip her around have her stroke your cock with her feet a little more and then fuck her hard again until you cum deep inside her pussy.

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