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I am playing mommy, my male partner is the school boy dom/bully and the camera is my son. I am a cuckoldress mistress mommy domme, I’m a bad bitch and I act like it but I’m still a mommy with a sweetheart baby boy.

Both my husband and I are into being financially dominated and being owned by all of their sons bullies and classmates. Whatever they want, they get. Dad pays for it all without question. 5 star hotel dates with me, vacations, 5 course dinners, new cars, shopping sprees, anything they want they get it because they are abusive to my son and as a cruel mistress I love it for my baby boy.

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I go as so far as encourage bisexual acts when mom or dad are not there, anything for the satisfaction of my dom. Sex in the house doesn’t happen without mommies permission and it only happens with the boys I brings home. No one else and only with who I say, and the boys can do anything, anytime and anywhere they want to mommy dad and their son. So the dom line is this: Bully -> mom -> son/dad.

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So this video all starts when I am getting ready for my date with the bully, my son is coming along the date as Chucks bitch because it’s my son’s birthday. The bully is making my son do his homework while they wait. I will be disappointed, my baby hasn’t finished his homework and sucked Chuck’s cock already he’s going to make me late for the hotel and dinner reservation dad made. Whatever, I will take care of his cock while my son finishes his homework, hopefully by the time I finish blowing him my son will be done and the three of us can go to dinner.

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This blowjob is going to be a bubbling mess, I will mix it up with the style of blowjob, I will be an absolute Pornstar with the mommy mix, I’ll be willing to gag while giving a mother’s kiss and tongue massage, it’s all about the bully! I will seriously SPIT and drool everywhere, even with cum and spit all over my face, I don’t care, that is how I will go out to dinner. Once he cums, my son just finishes his homework and I will happily gather all my boys to go for dinner.

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