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This is the full and compete series if Mom Deals With My Bully, it stars Heather Sin and is a POV Taboo Milf Blackmail Sex Mom Bully Porn series.

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Part 1 – So I’ve been picking on Jason for years but since its are last year in school Jason has been extra annoying so ive been giving him more crap. when i got home my mom told me that Jason’s mom Mrs Taylor wanted to talk to me, so i went over to their house. when i got there Mrs Taylor was very nice and told me that she wanted me to stop picking Jason. she said Jason was having trouble focusing in school and need to study hard to get into a good collage.

I told her that was asking a lot because her kid was such a jerk, i asked what she would give me to stop. She said she was pay me and make payments to me every week until school was done. she said her husband and Jason couldn’t know! i told her to let me think on it, after school i gave her my answer. I said yes and she told me her purse was in the bed room and i followed her in. when we got in there she kept looking for her purse, i told her i didn’t want money, she asked what i did want and i put my hand on her breast.

She was shocked and pushed my hand off, i told her that i always had a crush on her and this was the payment i wanted every week. She asked what if she said no,i told her then i would make Jason’s life a living hell. so for the love she has for her kid she agreed, so for us to start out i wanted us to take it slow. i got naked on her bed that she shares with her husband and she brought me some lube. i told her to strip and show me that sexy body while i jerked off.

She did a great job teasing me and when i came she cleaned me all up. i told her i see her next week for her appointment!

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Part 2 – So i went by Mrs Taylor’s house to get my weekly "payment" and i pretty much just let myself in. last week and Taylor came and understanding that if she gives me sexual favors. then ill not only not pick on her son but ill protect him from other bully’s, Mrs Taylor wasn’t thrilled about the arrangement, she loves Mr Taylor but this was the deal that i wanted.

When i walked into her bedroom i surprised her and she wasn’t happy to see me, i reminded her about our deal and she wanted to try and negotiate but i said no. not only did i say no but i told her my payment this week would be higher. i told her i wanted a handjob and she reluctantly agreed, i told her to strip down for me. when she was naked i played with her ass a little then i got naked and laid on her bed. i made that sexy milf stroke me till i came on her husbands bed! my price for next week will be even higher!

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Part 3 – I went over to Mrs Taylor’s House since it was that time of the week. i was there to get my weekly payment of some sort of sexual favor to not pick on her looser kid. Mrs Taylor was not happy to see me but really she never was. she asked if i was ready for my HJ and i told her it was gonna be more then a HJ this week. she was pissed that once again i was changing the terms of our deal, she reluctantly asked what i wanted instead.

I told her i wanted to watch her mouth slide up and down on my cock, she was stunned in to silence. she of course argued but after some minor threatening about fucking with her kid she agreed. I think at this point she was staring to like fooling around with me, she just put up the argument to save face. she told me to take my clothes off and sit down on the chair, once i was sitting she told me a condition that i had to follow. she said if i really wanted to do this i would have to wear a condom.

I wasn’t really thrilled about the idea but in the end i said fuck it, i was about to have a hot married milf sucking my dick. i made her suck me in a bunch of different positions all around the bedroom that she shares with her husband till i came hard. i told her thanks and that i would see her next week!

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Part 4 – So for the few weeks ive been blackmailing Mrs Taylor, she gives me sexual favors and i dont bully her loser kid. she been resistant every time i up the anti and all ive wanted to do from the start is pound that sweet milf pussy. so today i went over to the Taylor house when i knew her son Jason would still be at school and Mr Taylor would still be at work. i just walked into the house and Mrs Taylor was shocked to see me. she asked what i was doing there and said it wasn’t time for my payment.

I told her that’s true but i had a special offer for her, she asked what that was and so i told her. I said if she were to fuck me right now then her debt would be paid for the rest of the school year. she thought about it and agreed but she said we had to hurry because Mr Taylor would be home in 30 minutes.

The only down fall was that she made me wear a condom but to fuck the milf ive always dreamed about id wear a condom no problem. when we finished i told her if she ever wanted some steady dick on the side just let me know! 

Enjoy this bully fucks my mom / bully blackmails mom fantasy roleplay sex scene.

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