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You’ve been having problems with your Bully at school for a while now and because I felt bad I decided I would rather the Bully punish me instead of you, and he agreed to do it but only if you watched it the whole time.

I start out explaining to you that I am going to sacrifice myself to save you the trouble because I know that men just need an outlet for their masculine aggression and I’d rather it be taken out on me than on you. He starts by roughing me up a bit before he collars and leashes me to take complete control. Once the collar is on he moves on to paddling and spanking me as hard as he can while I whimper and cry out, looking at you the entire time. After beating up my holes and ass he brings me to my knees in front of him to give him a rough and sloppy blowjob before he sits down and starts shoving my face into his ass. I’ve never licked a guy’s ass before so this was especially difficult for me but I did it because I want to protect you. He made sure I was really in there by pushing my head down with his hands and sometimes even his feet. After nearly 20 minutes of pleasing him that way he stands up and covers my face in a massive load that is bigger than any cumshot I’ve ever seen, and I mistakenly thought that was the end but he had other plans in mind.

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